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Get faster service with our digital tools

We strongly believe in delivering a great service experience and invest in an internal IT team whose mission is to build useful digital tools and services for our customers.

  • Get access to self-service portals
  • Dashboard with overview and actionable insights
  • Quick access to customer support

One-Stop Platform for Employee Benefits Management.

Employee Benefits

Employer benefits

Digital complex enrollment, Paperless endorsement, 85% Employee engagement, 76% Save time, Policy awareness email series to employees.

Healthcare and Wellness

Healthcare & Wellness

Free Dr. Consultations, Free dental care, Metal wellness, Wellness event, Discounted medicines, Discounted health checkup, Home collection facility.

Employee benefits beyond insurance

Employee benefits beyond insurance

Simplified policy features, Digital health card, Network hospitals at fingertips, Digitalised claims, Access to web, app & whatsApp, Healthcare & wellness benefits.

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Know your Policies & Coverages, Download Health Cards, Search Network Hospitals, Know about your Super Top-up details, Cashless claim process, Reimbursement claim process, Document list.

Get expert advise on claims

Get expert advise on claims

Our efficient processing and skilled negotiation ensure maximum compensation and fair settlements.

  • Dedicated Expertise
  • Seamless Documentation
  • Post-Claim Support

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