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Commercial office and retail spaces

Insurance plays a crucial role in the commercial and retail space business by providing essential protection against various risks. Coverage for property, liability, and business interruption safeguards assets and operations, ensuring financial security.

Standard Fire & Special perils Insurance Policy

Coverage for physical assets, such as buildings and contents against damage from fire,& allied Perils including Acts of God.

Burglary Insurance Policy

This Policy Provides financial compensation against loss or damage to property contained in your premises by acts of Burglary and or Thefts.

Machinery Insurance Policy

This coverage helps cover the cost of repairs or replacements for machinery, equipment, and systems (such as HVAC and electrical systems) that break down due to mechanical or electrical failure.

Plate glass Insurance Policy

It Provides coverage for damage to large panes of glass used in commercial buildings, such as shop windows used for storefront displays due to accidental breakage and exclude coverage for glass that is broken due to fire or improper installation.

Public Liability Insurance Policy

This policy covers the amount which the insured becomes legally liable to pay as damages to third parties as a result of accidental death, bodily injury, loss or damage to the property belonging to a third party.

Workmen's Compensation Policy

This Policy provides legal liability coverage for compensation to employees for bodily injury or death caused due to accidents arising out of and in course of employment.