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The current infrastructure sector is a crucial and expansive industry that encompasses the development and maintenance of physical structures and facilities essential for a functioning society. It includes transportation networks, such as roads, bridges, and railways, as well as utilities like water supply, energy, and communication systems. Additionally, infrastructure covers public amenities like schools, hospitals, and public buildings. The sector plays a vital role in driving economic growth, enhancing connectivity, and improving the overall quality of life for communities. As cities expand and modernize, the infrastructure sector continues to be at the forefront of building and maintaining the foundational elements that support societies, facilitating progress and development on a global scale.

Infrastructure companies have unique insurance requirements due to the nature of their operations and the significant risks involved in large-scale construction and development projects. Glide Insurance Broking Services Pvt Ltd specializes in understanding the insurance needs of infrastructure companies for their day-to-day operations. With expert knowledge in the sector, Glide offers a tailored bundle of insurance products specific to each organization's requirements. From property and liability protection for infrastructure projects to specialized coverage for unique risks, Glide Insurance Broking Services ensures that infrastructure businesses have comprehensive insurance coverage, allowing them to focus on their projects with confidence and assurance of financial security.

Property Insurance

This coverage is essential for protecting physical assets such as buildings, machinery, equipment, and construction materials against risks like fire, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism.

Contractor's All-Risk (CAR) Insurance

CAR insurance provides comprehensive coverage for construction projects, including the construction site, materials, and equipment. It protects against various risks during the construction phase, ensuring financial protection for the infrastructure company

Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers third-party bodily injury and property damage claims that may arise due to the construction activities. Professional indemnity insurance protects against claims resulting from errors or omissions in design or advice

Environmental Liability Insurance

Infrastructure projects can have an impact on the environment. This insurance covers the costs associated with pollution incidents and environmental cleanup, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting against potential liabilities.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Given the inherent risks in the construction industry, workers' compensation insurance is crucial. It provides medical benefits and lost wages to employees injured during the course of their work.

Delay in Start-Up (DSU) Insurance

DSU insurance protects against financial losses caused by project delays, providing coverage for additional expenses and lost revenue due to delayed completion.

Plant and Equipment Insurance

This insurance covers specialized machinery and equipment used in infrastructure projects against accidental damage, breakdown, or theft.

Other Relevant insurance policies for Infra companies.