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Educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and universities, face unique risks and challenges that require specialized insurance coverage to protect their assets, students, staff, and Potential liabilities.

Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy

It will provide financial protection for the property against Loss or Damage by fire and allied perils to the buildings and/or contents, Machinery and accessories, Stock & Stock-in-Process, Furniture & fixtures.

Student Safety Insurance Policy

The institute will pay the premiums and the Compensation will be paid to the guardian or the parent of the student in case Death or disability.

Group Personal Accident Policy

This Policy provides financial protection to a group of individuals against accidental injuries, disabilities, or death. It is commonly offered to employees by their employers, members of social or professional organizations.

Public Liability Insurance (Non-Industrial) Policy

This Policy covers your legal liability for damages such as accidental death, bodily injury or damage to property, experienced by a third party. It also protects against any legal costs incurred in such events, with prior consent.

Group Health Insurance Policy

Group health insurance Policy provides an affordable and tailor made healthcare solution for employees & their dependents with lower premiums and broader coverage compared to individual plans. The coverage is comprehensive, including hospitalization, outpatient care, and even maternity benefits. They Provide cover for pre-existing conditions with cash less facility for the Hospitalization. .

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance for educational institutions is specialized coverage that helps protect schools, colleges, and universities from financial losses and liabilities resulting from cyberattacks and data breaches.

School Busses & Vans Insurance

A passenger carrying vehicle insurance policy protects the insured against the damages and/or losses that may arise from any type of accidents to the vehicle & also against the third-party liabilities including liability to the passengers.